Monthly MEC Mixer Monday Mania

Yesterday was the kickoff of the new Monthly MEC Mixer Monday (Mmmm) events at  various locations around Microsoft in an effort to get localized networking off the 100_0603ground. Our hope with these events is to provide a regular event at multiple locations, so that no matter where you are on campus or around the world, MEC members can get together and discuss topics that are important to them and their teams. All events are held on the same day, same local time (11:30am to 1:00pm). There are no agendas, no formal programs — just drop in, meet people, and talk. One of the benefits of this format 100_0604is meeting MEC members outside of your own organization – and outside of your building.

The attached photos are from the Mmmm event held in Redmond Town Center. Other locations holding Mmmm events yesterday include Buildings 37, 43, and 34, Westlake Terry (downtown Seattle), Redwest, Millennium, New York, and Dublin Ireland. In October, we’re looking to add Sammamish and Advanta locations here in the Puget Sound, Charlotte NC, Las Colinas TX, Mississauga Canada, Singapore, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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