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Channel MEC is an open dialog about management excellence. The goal is to expand the conversation, and provide better insight into the management-led and grass-roots efforts to improve the management experience. Information contained on this site is provided “AS IS” with no warranties and confers no rights.  The content consists of the personal opinions of managers at Microsoft and is not intended to convey the official views of Microsoft leadership, HR, or Staffing.  Additionally, all information provided should be considered in the time frame in which it was published; processes and policies changes over time so specific blog posts only provide a snapshot of the managers’ views at the time of publication.

Christian Buckley – Manages the Solution Delivery team in Advertising Support Operations, and is currently the Global MEC Evangelism Chair for the Management Excellence Leadership Team (MELT). He originally joined Microsoft to help build out the enterprise hosted application business, focusing on SharePoint. Prior to Microsoft, he co-founded a software company, a 501c3 non-profit, and a consulting company, co-authored 3 books, and had numerous articles published. He’s worked in the telecom, supply chain, and health care industries, but is most interested in collaboration technology – which is what convinced him to join Microsoft. Christian is very passionate about management excellence, blogging, and building community networks.

Jan Nelson– Lead Program Manager in Windows International where he is responsible for driving engineering process and tool improvements into Windows localization as well as for other product groups across Microsoft. He is also a founding member of the MELT. Jan and fellow team members were recipients of an Honorable Mention as a finalist in the Engineering Excellence Awards for work done on a shipping feature for Office and Windows called “CLIP”. Previously, he was awarded an Engineering Excellence Award and Management Excellence Award in 2006. Before joining Microsoft in 1998, Jan was the founding partner of DTR, Inc., a small disc drive manufacturing company serving customers such as Xerox, Datapoint, Heath-Zenith Data Systems, Wang Laboratories, Digital Microsystems, Morrow Designs, Altos Computer, Molecular Computer and many others. In 1989, Jan was awarded Vendor of the Year by Xerox for delivering 0 defects, 100% on time and recognized for his company’s contributions to Xerox winning the Malcolm Baldrige Award for Quality.

Ross Smith – Director of Test, Windows Core Security. Ross has been at Microsoft for almost 18 years, with most of his time in Windows and Office. He is one of the authors of “The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention” and holds 5 software patents. Prior to Microsoft, he worked in county government as a jail guard and on handheld computers/ barcode readers. His current focus is an initiative called 42projects, which focuses on management innovation, and the creation and application of games at work. He is a regular speaker at the Serious Games Summit and works with teams inside and outside Microsoft on deploying productivity games.

Michael Talbert

Steven Levy – Senior Director in Microsoft Services Managed Solutions and an original member of the MELT. At Microsoft, he has developed solutions that help our customers cut contact-center costs and dramatically improve the overall service experience; has helped develop some of the world’s largest corporate legal systems; has served as Director of TechNet; has been a MCS Principal Consultant responsible for industry-changing solutions using Microsoft software; and has been a manager and developer for Microsoft’s largest IT systems. Prior to Microsoft, he designed and developed a number of commercial and educational software products and systems along with key internal systems for various companies. In his years BC (before computers) he was a musician, writer, and theatre director in New York.

Ciaran Burns – 

Leah Wedul –  Leah Wedul is a Management Development Consultant focusing on the pre-manager space at Microsoft. She owns the design & development of the Exploring Management Program curriculum, which focuses on developing a strong pool of potential managers at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, Leah consulted for several pharmaceutical, oil/gas, financial services, and high tech organizations as a Human Performance Consultant at Accenture. Her previous positions include learning and development work in a variety of organizations including public utilities and public services/city government. Additionally, she served as an instructor for undergraduate and graduate coursework in Psychology and as a Career Counselor for science and engineering students at the University of Minnesota. She is *slowly* pursing her Ph.D. in Human Resource Development at the University of Minnesota, and holds a M.A. in Human Resource Development from the University of Minnesota, a M.A. in Counseling & Personnel Psychology from the University of Minnesota, and a A.B. in Psychology from Kenyon College. In her spare time she loves to travel and spend time with her dog, Millie.

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  1. Eric says:

    Great work! I appreciate the energy you put into your passions. I think you should add 1000 steps on top of your daily pedometer totals for this project. 🙂

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