Monthly MEC Mixer Monday Mania

September 30, 2008

Yesterday was the kickoff of the new Monthly MEC Mixer Monday (Mmmm) events at  various locations around Microsoft in an effort to get localized networking off the 100_0603ground. Our hope with these events is to provide a regular event at multiple locations, so that no matter where you are on campus or around the world, MEC members can get together and discuss topics that are important to them and their teams. All events are held on the same day, same local time (11:30am to 1:00pm). There are no agendas, no formal programs — just drop in, meet people, and talk. One of the benefits of this format 100_0604is meeting MEC members outside of your own organization – and outside of your building.

The attached photos are from the Mmmm event held in Redmond Town Center. Other locations holding Mmmm events yesterday include Buildings 37, 43, and 34, Westlake Terry (downtown Seattle), Redwest, Millennium, New York, and Dublin Ireland. In October, we’re looking to add Sammamish and Advanta locations here in the Puget Sound, Charlotte NC, Las Colinas TX, Mississauga Canada, Singapore, Germany, and the Netherlands.


Monthly MEC Mixer Mondays

September 13, 2008

So…you attended the Foundation Event, joined the Management Excellence Community (MEC), and now what? How do you stay engaged?

Why not participate in a monthly networking event – just for MEC members – in your local cafeteria? The Monthly MEC Mixer Monday (Mmmm) is being launched this month (September 2008), with 10 locations currently planned worldwide. The goal is simple: wherever you are in the world, on the last Monday of the month from 11:30am to 1:00pm, there is (or will be) a MEC Mixer nearby.

Current locations, and their sponsors, are as follows:

  1. Redmond Town Center, B5/3rd floor lounge – Christian Buckley and Scott Harris (MS employees can join the DL)
  2. Westlake Terry – Ryan Asdourian
  3. Building 37 – Donnell Baker
  4. Mississauga, Canada – Jordan Sheridan
  5. Cardinal Place, London – Gary Gilligan
  6. Building 42-44 cafeteria – Chris Pick
  7. Redwest – Michael Talbert and Gavin McMurdo
  8. Building 34/35 cafeteria – Brian dos Santos and Abel Cruz (join the DL)
  9. New York – Jason Dennie
  10. Dublin, Ireland – Ciaran Burns
  11. Millennium, MilE/1375 – Tiffany Yun

Another 5 sites are being proposed for October (Sammamish, Advanta, Germany, 50, and 25).

If you’re interested in attending one of these events, please contact the appropriate host to be added to the DL or meeting invite. And if you’re a MEC member and would like to help launch an event in your Microsoft building, please take a look at the event overview (available on MECweb under Make an Impact, Get Involved), or contact me directly (